Leica DISTO D2 200ft Laser Distance Measurer Review

Looking for a device that enables you to measure distances using laser technology? Then look no further than the Leica-DISTO-Laser Distance Measurer. Not only is this device incredibly precise it is also incredibly easy to use. In fact it makes measuring distances, areas and volumes not only painless to do but also can be carried out very quickly.

leica disto d2Unlike other types of laser distance measurers when it comes to this one by Leica it has been designed with indoor construction uses in mind. Although it may be somewhat basic compared to other types of laser distance measurers available it is still very versatile and has proven extremely popular since it was first introduced to the market.

So what do you get when you invest in a Leica-DISTO-Laser distance measurer? Below we take a look at some of the features that you get.

Feature 1 – Every single one of the different DISTO laser distance measurers available comes with clearly labelled keys on the touch pad. So you have easy access and control of a number of different features. Plus also it provides you with a set of keys designed to provide you with shortcuts to the kinds of functions that are most commonly used such as adding or subtracting well as functions to calculate volume and area.

As a result of this you are able to turn any measurement into numbers that are useful straight away. No longer do you need to be writing these measurements down to then use a calculator to work out what the square footage of a room is.

Feature 2 – You will find with all Leica Disto measuring tools that they have a much more versatile measuring range. Compared to some other makes these ones are capable of measuring between 0.16 feet (0.05 metres) and 197 feet (60 metres). So they can be used for just about any task you can think of.

Feature 3 – All the readings provided by these laser distance measurers are accurate to within 0.06 inches (1.5 millimetres). So the measurements that they provide are definitely to going to be a great deal more accurate than if you were to use a more traditional type measuring tape. Plus the last ten measurements that are taken are stored automatically in this device and can be recalled at any time you want.

Feature 4 – As these laser distance measurers from Leica use simple Pythagorean functions to enable you to calculate height and width indirectly it means you can get more accurate measurements even when the area that needs to be measured is hard to access.

Feature 5 – These devices include a flip out end piece that will allow you to measure from corners and edges. Again this will help to ensure that the accurate measurements that you are after will be provided to you. Of course it will only provide these if you have actually aligned your Leica-DISTO-Laser distance measurer correctly and to do this you must make sure that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.