DMiotech 131 Review

If you don’t need an electronic measure that will take measurements more than 50 meters away but want deadly accuracy on shorter distances, then the DMiotech 131 could just be what you need. It measures up to 40 meters and is incredibly accurate in doing so.

dmiotech 131It is a compact unit that is very affordable and super easy to use. Just use the one button to measure distance, volume and area in seconds. It automatically calculates the area and volume for you and displays it on the large LCD unit which is also backlit for when using in dark areas. You can set up front and rear benchmarks and also do addition and subtraction of measurements.

One of the most popular features of the DMiotech 131 is the fact it can be switched between meters, feet and inches and give extremely accurate measurements for each one. So it’s an ideal unit no matter what measure of distances you are used to using. To make sure you are measuring in a horizontal straight line, the unit has a built in bubble which can be used as a spirit level. There is also a battery indication light showing you the current status of the batteries too, which is great to make sure you never get stuck with a unit that you cannot use.

The DMiotech 131 is used by professionals in various industries both commercial and domestic. It is used in factories, apartments, warehouses and any type of building that needs measurements taking. Don’t let the low price fool you either, this is a serious laser measure that is accurate, flexible and will never let you down.