DEWALT DW030P Laser Distance Measurer Review

The first kinds of DIY tools that used laser technology were levels, but now this technology is being used for tape measures. There are many different makes and models available but in this review we take a look at the DeWalt DW030P laser distance measurer.

This particular device for measuring distances is about the size of a digital camera and of course it comes with the most basic function which is to measure distances. In order for you to do this you simply point the laser at an object in the distance and then press the button and then you are given a static reading for how far away the object is from the back of this device.

dewalt dw030pHowever it does come with other functions including a unit button. The unit button is the one that allows you to decide how you want the measurements you take to be displayed. If you want you can have it in feet and inches or in metres, or you can just have it in inches.

Should you wish another feature of the distance button that you may find useful is that when held down for 3 seconds it puts this function into tracking mode. Now as you move around an area it automatically displays figures on the screen as you move around.

But that isn’t all that this particular laser measuring device is capable of doing. It is also allows you to measure areas and volume but use of the area and volume buttons. To use these features on yours you simply click on the button that is indicated and immediately it begins to take and record measurements for you. Once it has taken two distances if you are using the area button then it provides you with the total area in which ever unit you initially chose. This is also the same when it comes to the volume button but it only provides a reading after a set of three measurements have been taken.

If that wasn’t enough when it comes to the DeWalt DW030P laser distance measurer it is capable of being able to add or take away distances from each other. All that you need to do to carry out this function is click on the distance button then click on the + or – button before then clicking another distance. It doesn’t matter how many times you carry out this function as this particular device is capable of keeping a running tally of the measurements taken.

Although this is a very good device to have there are a couple of things that some people find lacking when it comes to using this one. One particular feature that many people don’t like is that the distance is actually measured from the back of it. Why this is we aren’t sure. Also the other thing is that there is no mark on the DeWalt DW030P laser distance measurer casing to show exactly where the centre line on the rear edge is and from which the laser projects.