DEWALT DW03050 Review

DEWALT make a wide range of power tools and accessories and are considered one of the leading manufacturers in the World at doing so. They have more than 1,000 authorized outlets in America alone. So when it comes to quality and affordability, you can rely on their products and the DEWALT DW03050 is no exception.

The tool itself is a laser tape measure capable of measuring up to 165 feet in distance. Not just that but it also calculates area and volume too. One excellent feature about this particular tool is that it can measure using an indirect height measurement which uses Pythagoras to work out the distance when you can’t get a direct line from point A to point B.

dewalt dw03050The accuracy of the DEWALT DW03050 is also incredible. Not only does it measure up to 165 feet but does it at a measurement of +/- 1/16-inch which is more than accurate for most professions. Measuring corner to corner is made easy by the stand off post which means accurate readings are inevitable.

You don’t need to worry about using the tool in wet or dirty conditions either as it’s IP65 debris/water resistance and over molded housing will protect it from all kinds debris, water and dust that you’ll typically find on most building sites.

The LCD display on the DEWALT DW03050 unit is large and made easier to read with its backlit display which is perfect when using in dark conditions. It has a 2 line display and will remember the last 5 measurements you take which can be a real handy feature and prevent you from having to retake measurements if you forget them.

If you need a rugged laser measure that comes to you from a leading manufacturer and will provide accurate results every time, then look no further than the DEWALT DW03050. It is not the cheapest on the market but like many things, you get what you pay for. We hope you found this DEWALT DW03050 review helpful and choose the best laser measure for your needs.