Bosch GLM 50 C Review

If you’re looking for a professional laser measure that comes jam packed with features and will measure up to 165 feet, then look no further than the Bosch GLM 50 C. Coming from the World leader brand Bosch, you know that this product will perform on all levels and last for years.

This is an upgraded model in the range as it comes with a color backlit display and even has built in Bluetooth technology which syncs with the latest free Bosch mobile phone apps. This makes it super easy to design accurate floor plans in seconds.

glm 50 cLike other models in the range, the Bosch GLM 50 C delivers precise accuracy in real time which includes length, volume, area and even angles. It won’t let you down when being used on the job either as the tough and rugged design keeps dust and water out permanently. The keypad is really easy to use and measurements are brought back in seconds with an accuracy of 1/16th of an inch up to 165 feet in distance.

This model has real-time measurement set as default, this allows the user to see live measurements related to the target. It also comes with stakeout measurement too, where it identifies pinpoints every 6 inches. It will take up to 10,000 measurements per set of batteries.

Bluetooth Included

One of the most popular features of this model is the Bluetooth feature. This will take and save measurements and even create digital floor plans for you in seconds. All the vital stats are stored in the device so can be recalled afterwards when required. Or they can be emailed directly from the device too.

Although it has so many features, the unit itself is also very compact and lightweight, so perfect for use by any professional no matter what trade they are in. Whether it’s measuring complete floor spaces or simply need to know what length to cut a piece of wood, this tool will help you out in seconds.

That concludes this Bosch GLM 50 C review. We hope it has helped you in your decision to get the best laser measure to suit your needs.