Bosch DLR165K Distance Measure Device Review

I had for some time been looking for a good quality laser tape measure and was astounded by how many different makes and models there were. But after some more research I chose to go with the Bosch DLR165K distance measure device and am so pleased that I have.

Even a very compact device I am amazed at how effective it is at measuring not only length and area but also volume. Plus the size of this device is such that it easily fits into my pocket so I don’t have to hold on to it when I am carrying out other DIY tasks around my home.

bosch dlr165kSo what makes this laser measure tape such a great choice?

1. The Bosch DLR165K uses precision laser technology and is able to take measurements that are accurate up to 1/6 inch.

2. Another thing I love about this particular type of distance measure device is that it can provide you with a measurement in a very short space of time. On average I have a measurement appear on the easy to read display in about 0.5 to 4 seconds. So no having to stand around waiting for my friend to call back the measurements to me when using a traditional tape measure.

3. When it comes to this particular measuring device by Bosch it uses a single laser beam to both point and takes the measurements for you. Also it uses 4 reference points when taking measurements, so it in fact allows me to actually take several measurements at once without the need to actually keep repositioning it as I would with a traditional tape measure. Also what I love about this particular piece of equipment is that it can measure such varying distances from 2 inches through to 165 feet.

4. Another feature of this particular device that I have found useful is that it enables me to calculate distances even when there may be obstacles in my way. This is because this particular measuring device from Bosch comes with an indirect measuring mode.

5. Of course it wasn’t only the name that had me purchasing this particular digital tape measure it was also the warranty provided by the manufacturers of it. Unlike some other ones you will find that Bosch believe in their products and as a result provide you with a 3 year warranty, which although limited is still a good thing to have.

When you purchase your Bosch Distance Measure Device not only do you get this in the box but also you get a soft case that has a loop attached allowing you to place it on your belt if you wish. Also it comes with a hand strap so as you walk around a room you don’t have to hold it all the time and plus included in the package are 4 “AAA” batteries.