Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure Review

The Bosch DLR130K digital distance measurer uses the most up to date precision laser technology available. As you will soon discover it provide you with not only fast and easy measurements every time it is used but also very accurate ones.

Just as with all Bosch tools this one is made to very exacting standards and it can provide you with both length, area and volume measurements. Plus it is able to provide them in inches, feet, decimal feet and metric units if you want.

bosch dlr130kFor anyone who does a variety of DIY tasks around the home they will find this little device which measures just 2.3 x 4.0 x 1.25 extremely useful. It is great for doing trim work such as installing base boards or moldings.

When it comes to this measurer it uses two points of reference to provide accurate measurements ranging from 2 inches to 130 feet. These points of references are located at the front and back of the device so you don’t need to be moving it constantly to get the most accurate readings possible. Also you won’t need to wait long for it to provide you with a measurement as this one are capable of producing a reading for you that is accurate within 1/16 inch in less than 4 seconds.

What many people love about this particular measuring device from Bosch is that it enables them to take measurements on their own even when they need to walk out distances. In fact this particular device comes with a continuous length mode that will automatically adjust any measurements you are taking as you move forward and record them. So you don’t need to have to waste time stopping to jot down the measurements or to reposition it.

This is the smallest of all the distance measuring devices currently available and will fit easily into your pocket or a pouch that you may have strapped to your belt. If that wasn’t enough you will find that handling and holding this device is a great deal easier as it comes with a secure but comfortable area that allows you to grip the device.

As well as being compact and user friendly the Bosch DLR130K digital distance measurer is one of the most versatile of these tools now available. It isn’t only designed to provide optimum precision when measurements are being taken but will ensure that every DIY project you undertake will remain on course. As well as providing you with accurate measurements it can also level, align and detect using some of the most innovative features to be found on such equipment today.

One final thing that makes me recommend the Bosch DLR130K digital distance measurer is that it not only gives of a sound when the measurement is completed but also vibrates. I myself have found this particular feature of great use when the need has arisen for me to wear hearing protection when performing a particular DIY task in my home.