Laser Tape Measure Tips & Advice

Up until a few years ago when it came to taking large measurements you had to rely on a traditional tape measure and of course another pair of hands to help you. But with the invention of the laser tape measure the struggles you faced with a conventional one are now a thing of the past.

Things like trying to get an accurate measurement won’t prove at all a problem and you no longer need to concern with yourself in making sure that it stays in place. Certainly the measurements you took using a conventional tape measure were often wrong and you would need to take them several times before you finally got what you thought was the right one. However as already mentioned using any kind of digital tape measure or laser measure can make a real difference. Not only are these a lot deal easier to use but also a great deal more versatile and accurate.

Our Top Choices

Model Distance
#1 Bosch GLM 35 120
#2 DEWALT DW03050 165

#3 Bosch GLM 50 C 165


bosch laser measureGenerally you will find that even the laser distance measures available today aren’t that big, most are about the size of dollar bill and also aren’t that thick, so they are easy to handle. In order to use one of these tools all you need to do is tell it the way you want to measure, so whether you want it in inches or centimetres. Once you have chosen a spot where you wish the laser measuring tool to measure from you then aim the dot which is usually pink at the area where you want the measurement to finish. Now hit the button and see what reading appears on the small screen on the device in front of you.

Along with measuring straight lines these types of devices are just as good at measuring square footage. With this particular device you have a button on them that allows you to select area to be measured. Then once you have pressed this it is able to measure any room’s square footage. It does this by measuring the size of one wall within a room and the width of another. Before such equipment was invented in order for you to actually work out rooms square footage required you to take down the rooms measurements yourself and then use a calculator to come up with the final figure. Of course with a laser measuring device all this work is done for you.

So what are the advantages to having such equipment at home?

1. As already mentioned a digital tape measure is far more accurate than conventional tape measures. When it comes to using a traditional tape measure you will find that they actually sag at some point even the metal ones if not held tightly by two people. So of course this sag in the tape will actually add more length to your measurement.

2. Secondly if you need to measure across an uneven surface again a normal tape measure won’t provide you with an accurate measurement. Rather than taking into account these nuances in the surface they just lay across the top of it. However with an electronic measuring device you will find that these are taken into account.

3. The biggest advantage of using such equipment is that you don’t need anyone to assist you. You just stand at one point where you want to start your measurement from and then point the device where you would like it to finish. Then all you need to do is hit the button and a very accurate reading of the measurement will be provided to you. Now you simply need to jot this figure down.

dewalt measureAlthough we have stated that using the best laser tape measure is very easy. There are three things that you should know when it comes to using one of these. Below we take a look at just what these things are.

1. Check The Alignment – You need to make sure that the device is properly aligned when using it. If it isn’t then getting an accurate measurement will prove difficult. So in order to make sure that the laser tape measure you are using is correctly aligned read carefully through the instructions that the manufacturer of the device have provided to you. This is important as you need to remember that with this type of device compared to a traditional tape measure you won’t be able to physically control the alignment of it.

It does take quite a bit to make sure that any type of digital measure is correctly aligned. However as already mentioned if you read through the instruction manual provided before you begin using yours then you will not it is going to work properly.

2. Clean The Lens – Another thing you must make sure that you do when it comes to using this type of equipment is to ensure that the laser lens is cleaned and stored correctly. Should the lens become damaged even with minute scratches upon it then it won’t work properly as the laser will be off.

Before you store your laser measure away make sure that you clean the lens to remove any dust or debris from its surface. The best way to do this is through using a lens brush or some lens cleaner with a soft cloth. However you shouldn’t ever use any type of cleaning agent that isn’t approved for cleaning the surfaces of such items. Certainly never use anything like detergent on yours.

3. Check And Check Again – Even though these types of devices are considered to be much more accurate than conventional tape measures before you begin any work such as cutting you should check your measurements again. If you need to don’t be afraid to use a conventional measuring tape to compare them with the measurements you have taken using your laser measure. If you happen to notice that they differ somewhat then either there is a problem with your device or it may be because you haven’t correctly aligned the tool properly initially or you aren’t following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding how to use it.

Always be sure to read laser tape measure reviews before choosing the best one for your needs. Amazon is a great place to do this and also to buy your tape measure from.